Investment Projects

WED Projects – pre-financed and pre-explored

As part of its development of different exploration methods, WED has pre-explored several projects and collected valuable data.
This data represents a serious basis for further project developments.

We would like to realize with potential investors the projects. If you are interested, then we’d appreciate to hear from you.

Hot springs – California

Our explorations have focused on Southern California, on the area between San Diego and Lake Salton.
Our pre-exploration results show geothermal springs with temperatures of around 260 ° C / 500 ° F. The areas are largely uninhabited country implying a meaningful project development from an economic perspective.

Water & mineral water deposits in UAE United Arab Emirates

At an international Water Expo in Dubai, the management of WED made contact with competent experts from the water industry and were looking for solutions for long-term water supply in the UAE. The WED exploration team was together with local experts in the affected areas to get a picture of the local drinking water situation.

In the subsequent preliminary investigations, our experts, thanks to our exploration technology, came across water & mineral water deposits of high quality.

Interested investors who would like to receive more information can get in touch with us via our contact form on

Hot Water – Turkey

During the last 4 years we were almost everywhere in Turkey and explored more than 10 hot water springs, with degrees up to 260° Celsius.

Those sources can be used for energy production as well as further use in the secondary circuit.

The exploration results are available as short report for interested Investors.

For detailed information, please fill in the contact form.

Oil and natural gas in Tanzania

“WED Tanganyika“ has carried out preliminary investigations in numerous areas of Tanzania in the oil and natural gas sectors. The explored oil deposits are of the highest productivity. Currently, WED is applying for a license for exploration and drilling, with subsequent production rights.

The size and location of the oil field make this project one of the most profitable “high flyer” projects by WED and we invite investors to participate in its success.