Targets and Quality

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WED GmbH wants to make a meaningful contribution to the world water situation. One goal is to improve the water situation in regions with water scarcity with new wells or to reconstruct existing, but not working ones.
A further aim is to treat water where people do have water available, but cannot use it due to pollution or low quality.

WED is exploring new paths, provides the sectors exploration, drilling and processing from a single source, and the customer thus has just one contact person and an overall responsibility for the successful implementation of its projects.

WED sees itself as a results-oriented provider of water projects, technological products and experience are an essential component.

100% WED = 100% WED


Quality and results:


WED offers high quality services, which are built up by years of experience in results orientation.

The combination of various exploration technologies, the use of innovative products, quality well constructions and experienced teams are the pillars of our success.

Our promise:

Has WED explored with your project WATER and confirms the data, then we promise to provide you the measured volume of water also.

Only then, the project has been successfully completed for us.

Our promise is your security